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Netflix Student Discounts 2023: Easy Procedures to get Subscription Fast | Updated


Netflix Student Discounts 2023: Easy Procedures to get Subscription Fast | Updated

As a college student, you’d agree that one of the best streaming platforms is Netflix. And anyone with an updated Netflix account is the coolest kid in the dorm. However, there is nothing like a Netflix student discount.

Netflix has a raft of films and TV series to watch and a lot of student favorites such as Making a Murder, Sons of Anarchy, House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, and many more.

However, as a college student, I understand how difficult it is to pay money to watch movies. Students in the US, especially, expect to get the services at low prices and want discounts for the hardships of college life.

For that reason, Netflix has stepped up its Discount Vouchers to help students reduce their torment.

So, if you are a student and searching to know about Netflix student discounts, this article is best for you. I’d tell you all about Netflix for students and how you can redeem your Netflix student discount voucher.

What is NETFLIX?

Netflix is the king of on-demand video streaming services all over the world. In simple words, you can refer to it as a library of Movies and TV shows you can play on your TV, mobile, PC, etc.

As a matter of fact, you can stream your favorite movies on your iphone, ipad, Android, TV, Computer, Playstation, Xbox or any other gaming console. And, that’s not even the best part.

Netflix has over 148 million paid subscription all around the globe.

What started in 1997 as a website service that allowed people to rent DVDs online has now become a billionaire business. Netflix expanded their business and now just look at its lion share in the market.

It’s quite obvious that Netflix accounts for all the downstream internet traffic in the United States.

Is there any Student Discount in Netflix?

If you are asking to find any Netflix student discounts for college students, sorry to burst your bubble. Hang on, I will tell you the tricks to get it for free.

I know life as a student is tough. You have to attend many classes and deal with a tight budget. If you’re a student trying to live on a tight budget, there is not a Netflix student discount to help ease that burden.

Besides, unlimited access to Netflix costs $7.99/month. It gets even more brutal to buy a subscription plan like this with such a limited budget.

Even though Netflix might not offer a student discount, there are a few ways to get Netflix for free. There are also several fantastic alternatives that have student discounts and some free TV and movie streaming sites that can save you even more money.

How to Get Netflix Student Discount & Free Subscription?

Between increasing membership fees, and tough economic times, not everyone can afford to subscribe to Netflix, but there are a few ways to watch Netflix for free.

So, we will discuss simple ways to get Netflix for students for free.

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#1 Netflix 30-day Unlimited Free Trial

So, if you want to get Netflix for students, you can use a free trial. Now, this trick might take some time, but it works 100%.

Unlike Netflix student discounts, free Netflix for 30 days is super easy to get. All you need is an email address that hasn’t been registered on Netflix yet.

It’s also important to remember to cancel the membership before the free trial ends.

Please follow the next instructions religiously to get your first Netflix for students Free Trial:

  • First, go to Create an account using your email address and click TRY 30 DAYS FREE to start your Free Month Trial.
  • Select SEE THE PLANS and choose the plan you prefer. Since it’s free, you can absolutely go Premium (if you like). Then click Continue.
  • Now you must create your account by entering your email address that has not been linked to any Netflix account and set your password.
  • Select a different payment method if you have registered before.
  • Enter your name, and billing information, then select START MEMBERSHIP.
  • Then, enjoy the shows but cancel the free trial subscription plan before that ongoing 30 day expires.

Netflix doesn’t allow multiple free trials

However, you can sign up again using a different email and billing method, like a prepaid credit card.

If you cancel your subscription and wait, Netflix will often send you an offer for another free trial, but this might take several months down.

Now here is the sweet part. After you get multiple free trials, you will notice that the rate of the subscription drops to a certain amount. This might take a couple of attempts.

Take the least rate and enjoy unlimited access to Netflix movies and TV shows. Yes, it takes a long time but, this Netflix student discount is obviously worth that time and effort.

Note: Don’t forget to cancel your FREE trials if you want this to work.

#2 Share with your family and friends

There is really no Netflix student discount, so some college students can still stick to their parents’ Netflix plan. This is another way you can get Netflix for students for Free.

After all, it does not limit Netflix to one person only. What this simply means is that you don’t have to pay another subscription in a household.

Also, you can have up to five individual profiles within a single Netflix account, no matter what plan you’re on.

Plan Options Price Screens
Basic plan $8.99 1
Standard plan $12.99 2
Premium plan $15.99 4

However, Netflix allowing subscribers to create 5 profiles doesn’t mean you can stream Netflix simultaneously on 5 devices.

So if you’re on the basic plan with a family member or friends, you might need to watch Netflix at different times of the day.

You can agree with me that Netflix passwords sharing is so common. Even college grads that have a good jobs still share a Netflix account with their parents, friends, or their former roommate’s parents.

But is it legal?

Yes, it is. “Shared accounts” is a feature that Netflix essentially promotes to get more people interested in their products and become customers.

However, some terms apply.

“The Netflix service and any content viewed through the service are for your personal and non-commercial use only and may not be shared with individuals beyond your household.”

Netflix simply implied it was probably OK for students to share the same plan, expecting to reach out to the younger generation who would then subscribe themselves once out of college.

However, lately, it seems like Netflix isn’t as cool with password sharing as it used to be as things have gotten out of hand.

#3 Netflix special promotion

Another cool way to get anything close to a Netflix Student discount is to take on special promotions where some companies offer Netflix plans as gift vouchers.

Check these out:

  • The wireless company T-Mobile has a program called Netflix on Us that will pay for your Netflix bills if you have two or more lines. They will cover your Netflix Basic or Standard plan depending on what plan you purchase.
  • Also, Network provider Verizon once worked with Netflix to offer a whole-year plan for Gigabit Connection Internet packages, which saves you $190 a year. However, they have recently switched to Disney+ on us for 12 months promotion.
  • You can also save money by getting a discount Netflix gift card. The leading gift card companies include Raise, Gift Card Granny, Cardpool, CardCash, and Gift Card Spread, etc. However, they offer different discounts on the same product.

However, this method is not guaranteed to get a Netflix for students because most Netflix promo codes and coupons just won’t work. Tons of gift coupon websites claim that you can get six months for free or sneakily give the free trial after signing up.

This is just a sign of plain mischief.

Alternatives To Netflix Student Discounts

Netflix produces a lot of original content, so there is really no direct replacement for the service. You won’t even find Netflix originals anywhere else.

Netflix also has bought the rights to stream a lot of user-popular television shows and movies they didn’t make themselves, but that’s constantly changing.

However, there are services that also have exclusive shows and movies, just like Netflix, and they all compete to offer the best selection possible.

So, here are the best alternatives to Netflix that offer student discounts.


We know Netflix offers a trial period for only a month. However, this Amazon Prime Student Discount allows you to enjoy a six-month free trial that can be canceled at any time. You can even enjoy prime original videos and avail yourself of several offers online that you do not get on Netflix.

Amazon prime video has tons of TV series and movies on their platform depending on the users’ home setup. It can also be watched on 4k and HD resolution as well.

Plus, students get free shipping on tons of items bought from Amazon.

Things don’t just end here.

It will blow your mind when you get to know about the remaining stuff you get from Amazon Prime Video.

Furthermore, students also get unlimited photo storage facilities and discounts on pre-orders of new video games and stuff.

Students can rent and buy textbooks at lower price value, including access to exclusive deals and coupons.


Hulu is another alternative you can consider against Netflix Student Discount. It is a streaming service that provides access to a lot of TV shows on the same day, or within the same week, that they first air. It also has original TV shows that you can’t get anywhere else.

You can get to use premium services for only a price of 4.99 USD per month and pay half the price yet enjoy original video streaming online services.

It really doesn’t have a student discount just like Netflix, but it is available in a student bundle with Spotify and Showtime. When you sign up for the Spotify student discount, you also get free access to Hulu and Showtime.

The Hulu subscription is the ad-supported plan, and there is no option to pay extra to upgrade.


YouTube Premium is a service that removes advertisements from regular YouTube videos, gives you access to original shows and movies, and includes the YouTube Music service.

When you sign up, you can actually choose between a family plan discount and a student discount. It also saves you about 60 percent off the regular price, and it includes everything that you get with a standard subscription.

It requires verification annually, so if you graduate or leave school, you must cancel or switch to a regular subscription.


HBO is one of the many outstanding student discounts offers you can consider. Unlike Netflix, which does not provide any student discount, HBO Now has a membership price of 14.99 USD a month, and students need to pay only  5 USD a month.

Less than half the price! It comes with a pay-on-the-go offer ad that lets you cancel any time.

However, students can only be eligible for this offering if they are enrolled in one or more college classes at Title IV degree offering institute. Confirm your status as a student to enjoy this offer.

Before spending a dime on this service, you can also test it out for a 30-day period. This offer is open to all new users. After testing, you can opt to discontinue the service if it does not satisfy you.

If you want to cancel, do it within 29 days to avoid being billed for the service. If you intend to continue, then respond to the renewal prompt alert.


No. Netflix doesn’t have such student discounts. So if you are on a very tight budget, you might sign up for the trial period of Netflix services or any alternatives.

Netflix offers a free month of service for eligible customers.

If you have received a promo code, go to and enter the code to get started.

Netflix is better than Amazon Prime Video in almost all respects. Therefore, if you only consider TV series, Netflix basically trumps Prime Video. But Prime Video has some decent Hollywood movies and some excellent films in regional cinema.


Netflix student discounts are a myth because Netflix provides nothing like student discount vouchers.

So, if you wish to save money as a college student, you might wish to either opt for the 30-day trial period or consider alternatives to Netflix student discounts to save that money.

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