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Countries With Visa Lottery for Africans 2023/2024


Countries With Visa Lottery for Africans 2023/2024

The African Visa Lottery program provides an opportunity for individuals seeking immigration to countries with better prospects to obtain a visa randomly. This program is only open to citizens of countries with low immigration rates to the US and is entirely free of charge.

The United States and Canada are the major countries that offer visa lottery programs to immigrants globally. This program is carried out every year with around 50 000 immigrants granted visas. Countries with visa lotteries lottery (2023/2024) offer an online application where immigrants apply for visas. Want to know the countries with visa lottery? Please, kindly read this article till the end to know everything about Visa Lottery for Africans.

Countries that Offer Visa Lottery for Africans

The visa lottery program was established in the United States according to the 1990 Act. The US permits visas to immigrants of diverse origin through a computer lottery. Canada also offers this program to immigrants across the world.

The United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands and a few other countries also offer visa lottery applications.

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